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Joshua Whitfield

Podcast Host/Chief Elections Analyst

Joshua Whitfield was born in California and has been interested in politics for most of his life. Josh would enlist into the United States Army and see action in the ‘Global War on Terror.' He would be wounded-in-action while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq and begin his transition into politics by going to work for the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. It was here Josh Whitfield met his mentor and future boss John Peschong who was the Western Regional Campaign Manager for McCain and a partner for Meridian Pacific, Inc. After the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Josh would spend a year getting his affairs in order, medically retiring from the U.S. Army and checking off a life bucket list item by becoming a counselor at U.S. Space Camp to give back to a place which was so important to his childhood. Josh was inducted in the Space Camp Hall of Fame in 2008. Josh would go to work for Meridian Pacific, a national political and public affairs firm, in October 2009. There Josh would have the opportunity to work on issue advocacy efforts and campaigns of all sizes across the country. In 2013 Josh would enter a special election in his hometown of Waterford, CA where he was elected to the City Council by a wide margin. He would be re-elected again in 2014 becoming the top vote-recipient of all candidates for the City Council that year. In 2018 Josh left both Meridian Pacific, and decided not to run again for his City Council seat, in order to work for former Congressman Jeff Denham and current California State Assemblymember Heath Flora. He also started his own private security company in the same year. In late 2019 Josh started his second business Red Ogre Productions, which is a play on his former military call sign and nickname. In 2020 Josh signed on to be Power Talk’s 1360 KFIV's election analyst and he joined with his business partners to launch the Election Recon Project. Josh is married to his wife Kerry, a High School Vice Principal, and he considers his marriage to her to be his life’s greatest achievement. They currently reside in Mariposa, California with their two dogs: General and Dublin.


Alyssa Silva

Podcast Co-Host

Alyssa Silva was born in California and began working in politics three years ago. She is a graduate of Modesto Junior College and has worked as a Political Intern, Office Assistant & Field Representative. She is also the Executive Assistant & Scheduler to Josh Whitfield. While not a veteran herself, Alyssa has worked on numerous constituent cases advocating for Veterans in California. She hopes to continue working in constituent services long term. She specializes in casework with state agencies in California. Alyssa lives with her long time boyfriend Johnny in Waterford, California and their dog Cali.


Lauren Jacobs-Mayfield

Statistician/Predictive Model Director

Lauren Jacobs-Mayfield was born in Arizona and became interested in national politics while in college.  Prior to working in politics, she enlisted for 3 years in the United States Air Force where she deployed in support of the ‘Global War on Terror.’ Using the G.I. Bill she received a bachelor’s in political science, with a math minor from ASU. She worked on her first congressional campaign in 2016 and would play a pivotal role in the Democrat’s sweeping congressional victories in 2018 in the southwestern United States. Today she continues to work in Democratic politics as a public affairs consultant. Lauren specializes in predictive modeling and data analysis. She hopes to one day start her own polling firm. Lauren currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her wife Joanne, a fitness instructor, and their three dogs: Muffin, Shadow, and Winston.


Jeffery Rockwell

Social Media Director

Jeffery Rockwell was born in Texas and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps right out of high school. He would see action in the 'Global War on Terror.' Jeff was uninterested in politics until he left the Marines and became a writer. His volunteer work for Veterans issues drove his interest into politics where he continues to advocate for increased Veterans benefits & the creation of 'Veterans Courts' across the nation. Today Jeff works as executive protection specialist and a ghost writer. He is a conservative and campaigned in Texas for President Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020. He is a proud member of several veterans organizations. He currently resides outside of Austin, Texas with his soft tail Harley Davidson & his dog: Thor.  

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